Brew Time 

2-3 minutes

What You'll Need

• Aeropress 
• Aeropress filter
• Kettle
• Grinder
• Digital scale
• Timer
• Spoon or paddle
• 15-18g whole bean coffee


Note: the amount of coffee and water used depends on the coffee used and your preferred strength. We recommend starting with 16g of coffee and 250mL of water for a 1:17 coffee to water ratio.



  1. Boil 250mL of filtered water.
  2. Grind 15-18g of whole bean coffee to a texture like sea-salt.
  3. Place a paper filter into the plastic cap. Rinse the filter with hot, but not boiling water. Set aside.
  4. Assemble the rest of your Aeropress.
  5. Pour your ground coffee into the Aeropress.
  6. Add 50mL of your boiled water to the ground coffee. Stir, making sure all of the grounds are fully saturated. Wait for 30s.
  7. Slowly pour your water in zig-zag motion onto the coffee bed until you reach the lip of the Aeropress.
  8. Wait for 1-2mins. Secure filter cap on top of Aeropress.
  9. Place vessel or cup on top of the filter cap. Make sure your cup completely covers the cap and sits on the lip of the Aeropress. Quickly and carefully flip the Aeropress and begin applying pressure.
  10. When you hear a fizzing sound you can stop. Your brew is complete.
  11. Remove removing the cap and push the filter and coffee puck through, into the compost.
  12. Swirl and enjoy.
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