Brew Time 

3-4 minutes

What You'll Need

• Chemex carafe
• Chemex filters
• Kettle
• Grinder
• Digital scale
• Timer
• Spoon or paddle
• 30g whole bean coffee


Note: the amount of coffee and water used depends on the coffee used and your preferred strength. We recommend starting with 30g of coffee and 510mL of water for a 1:17 coffee to water ratio.



  1. Boil 650mL of water
  2. Weight out 30g of Blue Jean Blend whole bean coffee. Grind coffee beans to medium-coarse consistency. Should resemble sea salt.
  3. Place Chemex filter in the top of Chemex with 3 sides towards the groove.
  4. Pour 200-500mL of boiled water, totally saturating the filter. The aim here is to wash away the paper taste and to warm up the Chemex carafe. Pour out the water.
  5. Pour your freshly ground coffee into the center of the filter. Give a little shake to level the grinds. Zero out your scale.
  6. Start your timer and pour 60g of water completely saturating the grinds. Stir gently to ensure there are no dry areas in the slurry.
  7. Let bloom for 30-45 seconds.
  8. With a wiggling motion, pour 240g of water onto the crust to evenly distribute the grounds. When all of the grounds have been mixed evenly continue pouring in concentric circles until the scale reads 300g.
  9. Wait for the water level to drop ½-1 inch, gently pour in concentric circles until the scale reads 510g.
  10. Place the filter and coffee in the compost.
  11. Give the coffee a swirl and pour for you and all the new friends you’ve made with your new skill.
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