Hario V60

Brew Time 

2:30-3 minutes

What You'll Need

• Hario V60
• V60 filters
• Kettle
• Grinder
• Digital scale
• Timer
• Spoon or paddle
• 30g whole bean coffee


Note: the amount of coffee and water used depends on the coffee used and your preferred strength. We recommend starting with 20g of coffee and 360mL of water for a 1:18 coffee to water ratio.



  1. Boil 500mL of filtered water.

  2. Place filter basket with filter paper onto a cup or carafe.
  3. Rinse the paper filter with boiling water into the cup or carafe. Discard this water. This will warm your cup and keep the paper flavour out of your coffee.
  4. Grind 30g of coffee beans to a medium consistency. Gently shake to settle the grinds.
  5. Tear your scale to 0g.
  6. Pouring gently, add 60g of water to coffee grounds. Stir gently to make sure all the coffee is saturated with water. Wait 30 seconds allowing the coffee to “bloom”.
  7. Gently pour in slow circles, starting in the middle and working outwards until the scale reads 320g. Avoid pouring on the paper filter.
  8. When all the water has dripped through, hopefully within 2:30-3 minutes. Place your filter and grounds in the compost.
  9. Swirl and enjoy your fresh cup.
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