Our Story

Wayward Roasters was born in the mind's eye of a child. Playful, fun, energetic and wild. With dirty knees and splinters in our fingers we’re part adventure, part sweet tooth and part creative expression.

We’re not the type to swagger and we don’t believe in genius. We believe in experimenting and putting in the work to reach the results that hit your standards again and again. There is no perfect but there is always better. What this means for you is that we work tirelessly to find and buy the best green coffee and are continuously perfecting our roasting techniques to make sure you are getting the best possible experience when you taste our coffees. 

Roasted locally, in small batches, Wayward Roasters takes pride in crafting the highest quality coffee for your cup. We roast our single origin and carefully blended coffees with the goal of highlighting sweetness and ripe fruit flavours while showcasing the origin and farmers who work so hard to grow each bean. 

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