Nyeri Mahiga - Kenya

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Nyeri Mahiga - Kenya

Black Currant | Red Grape | Brown Sugar

These little plastic knobs and steel rods pushing and pulling on our heartstrings. The puck flies the distance of the ice under the bright lights. A whack, a spin move, a whiff, and a snap. The miniature plastic disk rockets past a stationary goalie who never saw it coming.  

This coffee is absolutely electric. 

The excitement of the bubble hockey arena is the same feeling you’ll get while brewing the bright and lively Kenyan. High grown, double fermented, and double washed this clean and meticulously sorted coffee will give you that extra flick in the wrist you need to make a run for the cup.

Region: Mumwe, Nyeri, Kenya 
Variety: SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, and Batian
Process: Double Fermented, Double Washed
Elevation: 1700-1890masl
Producer: Various Farmholders
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